Why you need a Wedding Planner

I have been planning weddings since 2006 so I have huge knowledge and experience in planning weddings and events – although I am always learning. Every day is a school day as they say. I have been involved in literally hundreds of weddings over the years and have seen and experienced lots! I could write a book (I might write a book!)

Many people wonder why you need a wedding planner? There is an endless list of reasons why, so I have put together an overview of what I believe are the core reasons for bringing a planner on board.

  1. Help to set your budget – The budget is one of the most important factors when organising your wedding or event! A planner can help set a realistic budget for the services you need to book, they will help you keep within your budget and they have an extensive list of suppliers and contacts to give you options when booking services.
  2. Help with prioritising the planning process – A planner will give you guidance and support through the planning process so you are doing things in the right order and not leaving anything out!
  3. Keeping you grounded – Planning can be stressful and overwhelming. A planner will help keep you grounded and focused. They will assist with the decision making, what’s important, what’s not and what you need to do.
  4. Back-up Plan. There should always be a plan B, sometimes C and occasionally D! Most will assume that plan A will work however sometimes this is not the case. A planner will have a back plan and also be able to execute this plan to ensure little or no disruption to your wedding or event.
  5. Experience. You should do research when looking into a planner to see what experience they have and also if they have references too. An experienced planner with numerous events under their belt will have the knowledge and contacts to ensure everything runs smoothly and without a hitch. Having experience allows the planner to take away any stress, leaving you relaxed knowing that everything is going to plan.
  6. Time Management. An experienced planner will manage the running of your wedding or event, liaising with supplier/staff to ensure that everything runs to time.
  7. A planner will give you peace of mind and confidence for your event or special day.

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